A Truly simple approach

Cost effective financial advice on your terms.

One Flat Fee.

$89 Per Analysis.

No Start Up Costs | No Subscriptions | No Hourly Fees | No Commissions | No Products Sold

Designed With You In Mind.

Digital Financial Advisor

Personal Relationship
You will work directly with me and get to know my philosophies and strategies.

Digital Financial Advisor

No Asset Minimums
Gone are the days where the more money you have the better advice you get.

Digital Financial Advisor

No Products Sold
Rest assured I will not try to sell you anything.  I do not receive any commissions.

Digital Financial Advisor

Experienced Advisor
Learn from my 13+ years of experience having worked with over 500 clients.

Do You Work With Everyone? . . .

I have no asset minimums or income requirements. My only requirement is I work with those individuals who are truly looking to better their financial lives.

What common traits do most people share? . . .

First and foremost the Second Level Wealth Community are looking for help. They take a genuine interest in trying to improve their financial situation. Second they are tired of Wall Street antics. They are looking for an Advisor they can trust and are usually happy to share the advice they get with their family and friends.

Let's Be Honest, I don't where to start. . . .

You have come to the right place! You are at your most vulnerable state and have the ability to start fresh. I take pride in education and patience. I like to say I move at the speed of comfort. I recommend you start with the retirement topic as it provides a great understanding of how your money works.

Is there an age limit? . . .

While I don't have a set age limit, usually those age 21 and above seem to get the most benefit from my services.

Why Do Some Companies Offer Financial Planning For Free? . . .

Companies that offer free financial planning are usually trying to make it up on the back end by selling products. That could be a financial product or even just to get you to be a customer. The goal is to use the plan to build trust with you, so when a product is offered it's an easier conversation. Trust me, I've been there, a complementary financial plan can end up costing you quite a bit.

Are you able to manage my investments? . . .

Yes! Second Level Wealth is designed to be an 100% financial planning resource. However through my firm, Derive Wealth, I'm able to help investors proactively manage their investments.

If you manage my investments where is my money held? . . .

I currently use TD Ameritrade Institutional as my custodian. I do not custody or hold any client money myself.

Is information I give you safe and secure? . . .

Financial planning by it's very nature is personal. You will have to share sensative information such as your income, account balances, and even family dynamics. Everything you share with me and the technology I use is secure using the top industry standards.

Do you guarantee your work? . . .

While there is absolutely no guarantee with investing or any advice I give, I can guarantee the thoroughness and professionalism of my work. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can request a full refund.